Image of On-site visit Wind Orca and Osprey Rotterdam

On-site visit Wind Orca and Osprey Rotterdam

Crane and hull structure upgrades on Cadeler vessels

Last updated 3 months ago
A glimpse of latest endeavours: we visited the Mammoet yard where amongst others, crane and hull structure upgrades on the Cadeler’s Wind Orca and Wind Osprey vessels are being executed.

Working closely with Cadeler, we've engineered enhancements to accommodate future turbine sizes. For the transport of the increased turbines, various vessel reinforcements had to be incorporated. This includes below deck and hull reinforcements in way of the transom to accommodate the newest generation of Vestas and SGRE blade racks. And also local reinforcements in the midship region for the increased tower weights. But for both modifications: less is better! 

Apart from vessel modifications, both vessels are outfitted with Vuyk-engineered seafastening for towers, nacelles, blade racks and project equipment, enabling a smooth installation. Wind Osprey will go now for third consecutive WTG installation campaign, using the same Vuyk-designed seafastening. Sturdy, proven and safe - these seafastenings are contributing to a durable future and cost reduction of the wind industry. We're excited to see the work progressing.

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